No.20: The meat sellers


20. The meat sellers

42 x 58 cm
August 07

Here we are on Belo's main road just before the motor park. This stall is the nearest Belo gets to a McDonald's. The men are cooking and selling a kebab-type snack. The pig on a lead happened to walk in front of the stall and some time later both pig and owner retraced their steps - the pig not having reached its selling price at market. The pig, the man with his arms in the air and the man attending the fire were all finished back in Barcelona.
   It was while I was painting here that an enterprising young lad came up to me with an offering of different coloured muds. Having seen me painting with Belo street mud, he collected other mud colours from the nearby river. I accepted his enterprising gift and dashed him (gave him a few coins).

Map of Belo

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