No.3: Three corners from Church Street


3. Three corners from Church Street

42 x 58 cm
August '07

I started painting this when I first got my bamboo stool and I continued working on it sporadically right up until the time I left. It shows the main crossroads at Belo's centre. In the distance we see the muddy climb up Market Street, where I went back to paint so often. Certain figures were added or finished in Barcelona. At one time I painted in a young couple walking together and holding hands but it just didn’t look right: you don’t see western-style courting couples in Belo. Perhaps they're more pragmatic about romance and sex. In many ways it's a society devoted to babies and young children and there is certainly no shortage of adored offspring. This painting shows a mixture of characters from everyday life and worshippers making their way to Sunday service. What I like most about the narrative in this painting is the craziness of the overhead wiring.

Map of Belo

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